Brii Renee


Brii Renee’ is an American radio personality, social media influencer, actress, YouTuber, and host. Brii studied Film and Television at Georgia State University. During her time at Georgia State, she produced and starred in an Internet talk show, titled In Da Crib. After graduating in 2013, she has starred in several independent films, while getting her first major speaking role in the TV1 production When Love Kills: The Felicia Blakely Story. Along with pursuing her career in acting, she is an Atlanta radio personality with Streetz 94.5. Using her southern bell charm to secure interviews from some of the biggest artist in the game. Brii Renee’ has grown a huge following via social media with over a quarter million followers and counting. Through her Youtube channel she showcases her bubbly, outgoing, yet around-the-way girl personality as well as her Vj’ing skills with her weekly Hit of the Week and vlogs. Brii Renee’ proves with her work ethic, initiative, creativity, comedic timing, and relatability that she’s more than just a pretty face.